New project Proeftuin Erasmusveld in sale!

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Another beautiful project of BPD in sale: Proeftuin Erasmusveld

Proeftuin Erasmusveld is a project of bpd (building fund property development) and Bouwburo Tauber. We take care of the presentation of the 3D BIM models in a web browser, giving potential buyers a realistic impression of their future home.  And of the environment !

The BIM models are shown on the website in different ways. There is a model available of the entire complex and of the environment (ground level). Both are exactly positioned on the map in OGDB. The north-south arrow indicates the (turning) direction. There is also a solar study available, which shows exactly on which days and hours there is sun on the balcony or in the garden.  That is to say, the solar study functionality of our BIM viewer of course has no idea of the actual weather conditions. It gives an idea of the maximum number of hours of sunshine.

The model for the whole complex is also used to provide insight into all kinds of things that are important for all residents, such as the positioning of the elevator, the entrances, the parking spaces and so on.

In addition, the BIM models of the individual homes are also available. These models give a very detailed picture of a single house in 3D. In addition to the house, the corresponding outdoor areas, such as the garden, storage room, garage, etc., are also often shown.

It is also possible to see the status of each space. Think of availability, option and sold, it is even possible to filter by price.

The web-based BIM viewer of BIMkeeper/OGDB makes all this possible without any installation of software. Loading the models takes some time, nevertheless the BIM viewer developed by IRP is one of the best in the world.

Take a look at this wonderful BPD project and marvel at the possibilities offered by the latest web technology. Erasmusveld.

IRP bases all of its web development on the ISO 19650 standard for the development and full lifecycle of buildings. Formerly known as the BSI 1192-X. This standard has now been almost fully implemented in BIMkeeper.


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